Make Your Ads Unique

Make Mine Like Theirs

Quite often I’ve had people show me a design or an ad and tell me that they like it, and if it worked for that company, it will work for them. I suppose it’s similar to seeing someone wear a hairstyle I love, I’d like to wear it too. But the last time that occurred, I happened to be with my hair stylist and she said “Your hair won’t do that. She has very thick hair and she can carry layers. You can’t. But you can do this…” Aah, crushed. Yet it was the truth. And really, even if all styles are based on one premise – the cutting of hair – they look different on each head, and because of different textures, colors, waviness, diverge of necessity from each other.

Which brings me to a book I’m reading called The Origin of Brands by Al & Laura Ries. In this book, they compare brand divergence with the theory of Darwin. Just as lions, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs are all divergent species of cats, so do brands differentiate from the other brands around them.

When developing a product or service, discover what you can do that is different from other companies. What can your business do better? What can you do that’s unique, that there isn’t a market for – yet? That is where you want to be, out in front, with no competition, the first to do something. That is what will give you an edge, and keeping it fresh and changing will help you keep that edge and stand the test of time.

So, when you come in for a logo, a brochure design, an ad layout – let’s talk about what you’ve seen, what you like. This will help me get to know you, what your vision is. I may say “Your hair won’t do that …” and it’s OK. Then let’s talk about your business, your ideas, where you came from, where you want to go. And let’s do something different. Something unique to your goals, your new brand. That is where the visual story comes in, that is what Conard Creative excels at – telling your story, visually.


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