Create a more polished image

So, you’ve been doing business and have some printed pieces: a brochure, a business card, an ad. Maybe even a web site. But nothing seems to be working together. It’s time to create a more polished image.
Here are some points to be aware of when developing your image:

  • Photos draw the most visual attention.
  • Photos of children, babies and puppies are the most compelling.
  • Fonts need to be kept to a minimum and different fonts should complement each other – for example, a flowing script headline with a traditional serif font.
  • Headlines can use decorative or traditional serif/sans serif fonts.
  • Body copy needs to use legible fonts, usually traditional serif/sans serif fonts.
  • Color sets the mood. Colors mean different things, for example, yellow denotes joy, red- passion, blue-stability. Choose a color palate and use it across the board.
  • Be sure the image works with your logo. Don’t have a logo? Hire someone to develop one.

Finally, put together a style book, one that shows correct logo usage, your palate of colors, fonts, and some sample layouts with copy. Make sure everyone who is working on your company communications gets a copy, and uses it.

What if you don’t have an in-house marketing department with designers and writers? Hire professionals. There are small companies and freelancers who specialize in copy writing, marketing, graphic design, photography, web site development, video and radio spots. It will be an investment, but will pay off in the long-run, giving your company polished, professional and effective communication tools.

Maribeth Conard is owner of Conard Creative Group LLC, a small design house with a lot of muscle. She has been in advertising design since 1991 and has won awards for her graphic design and fine art pieces.


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