Bright Color Adds to Theme

A Bright Future for Our Youth, and Therefore, for Everyone. I’ve been intrigued with The Einstein Project since I first read about it when my daughters were young ā€“ and trust me, that was a long time ago! In 2000, when I started in business, I also made some choices to become involved in different community programs that were important to me. Leadership Green Bay, City Planning, and The Einstein Project all fell into place.

With Einstein, my intention was to be paid for my design work. I kept calling on them, until finally, Kristine Schuetze, who was their marketing person at the time, said “Why don’t you just donate your design to us.” And she invited me to become a board member. Now, I didn’t have any income to speak of at the time, but I knew two things, that these pieces would be highly visible and that I was passionate about the hands-on science that The Einstein Project is all about. So I said yes.

Here is the result of that collaberation. The colors are bright and say “Children”, “Fun”, “Play!”. The photos visually tell the story, a child’s hand (bringing the wonders of the world to the fingertips of children), a frog, a butterfly, a fern to represent various Einstein kits and science education. They are all “peaking through” the color, as if the viewer is discovering each. The fonts were chosen for their contrast to each other, one visually playful and decorative, the other more serious, readable, yet with an elementary quality about it.

We made sure the different pieces all used the same color, art and fonts, to brand them so that every time someone saw a brochure, or an invitation, or a newsletter, they would know that it came from The Einstein Project. When Einstein decided to begin Butterflies on Parade, they hired me, at a reduced rate, to design their logo and collateral pieces. I kept the bright colors the same, to tie the Butterflies pieces back to Einstein.

Each year, The Einstein Project’s Butterflies on Parade has changed a bit, including a year we did balloons. But the colors, the fonts, and the basic layout remained the same, to build recognition. As my business has become busier, I’ve brought interns in to help me out. And because of the consistency of layout, they have been able to jump in and keep the overall Butterflies look and branding. This year, with Einstein’s Butterflies and Friends on Parade, we used a softer version of the same color. We also added a nice “wallpaper” background of the butterflies, dragonflies, and frogs, to add depth and interest to the pieces. You’ll see that while the fonts remain the same, their use is new, with a nice, playful curve added by intern Dan Vieaux.

Butterflies and Friends on Parade is intended as a publicity tool and fund raiser for the project. The Einstein Project provides hands-on science kits to schools, which are partially school funded, partially privately funded. If your child is in the Green Bay school district, chances are he or she has studied butterflies using an Einstein kit. Studies show that hands-on learning is successful, and what better way to get children excited about science than for them to see and touch it as they learn! Because of my work schedule, I have resigned from some of the committees I’ve been involved in for the past 5-7 years. Einstein is one of them. While I won’t be there in person, I will continue to support them. Julie Paavola, Einstein’s director, in tandem with Connie Greenawald and the rest of the staff, volunteers and board members at the project, has been moving Einstein forward most admirably. I encourage you to check them out at to learn more.

And remember the Butterflies and Friends auction, 7 p.m., October 9, 2007 at the KI Convention Center. Whether you attend as a spectator or as a bidder, it will be great fun! See you there.


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